The author, Dr J D Bapat, expresses his views on how our life can be made healthy and sustainable, i.e. causing minimum harm to the surroundings. The list of blog relate to waste recycling, energy saving, effluent treatment, healthy lifestyle techniques and so on.

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Independent Professional: Experienced educator and management consultant for engineering educational institutions, researcher, trainer, technical consultant on sustainable technologies, related to cement manufacturing and characterisation, using industrial and agricultural wastes in cement and concrete, durability of concrete and fuel cell power.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Links for the blogs created by the author on sustainable living:

(a) Pranayam or controlled breathing for sound mind and body

In this blog, the author, Dr J D Bapat, explains how the ancient Indian practice of Pranayam or controlled breathing help improving our mental and physical health

(b) Homoeopathy as a way of life

In the blog, the author, Dr J D Bapat, narrates his and his wife's experience in adopting homoeopathy as a way of life

(c) Sustainable living developments

In the blog , the author Dr J D Bapat, summarises the current developments in sustainable living

(d) Higher education and research

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